March 13, 2015

12-0 for the Defense!

After a five-day trial, Karen O’Kasey has won a medical negligence and battery case in Multnomah County.  Plaintiff alleged that during a water soluble barium enema procedure performed by the defendant, the catheter perforated her colon, resulting in bleeding, and a delay in the reversal of her ileostomy.  Plaintiff was seeking $800,000 in non-economic damages and over $200,000 in economic damages.  After a short deliberation, jury came back 12-0 for the defense!

January 30, 2015

Case Abandoned by Plaintiff Mid-Trial

Case abandoned and dismissed with prejudice by plaintiff mid-trial in $40 million birth injury claim in Marion County Circuit Court alleging failure to perform a timely cesarean section and perform appropriate neonatal resuscitation resulting in cerebral palsy.